Fundraising Made Easy!
Thank you for your interest in the Prairie Candle fundraiser program.  Our candles are highly scented, clean burning and long lasting.  We use as much as 50% more fragrance in our candles.  Everyone who purchases candles from your group members is sure to be pleased.  In fact, our candles are sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our fundraising program is simple.  We provide each of your group members with a 4-color brochure and order form.  Click on the link and you will find a sample of the brochure and order form.  Note that the name of your group is incorporated on the brochure and order form cover.

Link to Brochure and Order Form:  Fundraiser Brochure

Your group can make an excellent profit by selling Prairie Candles.  You make 50% on each candle sold. Your shipping costs are limited to actual cost but no more than 5% of sales.  Many groups make arrangements to pick up their candles at our factory to save on shipping.

We offer 3 candle sizes priced from $14.00 to $22.50.  As indicated on the brochure cover,  the large 24oz candle which sells for $22.50 represents the best value for the consumer.  We suggest that you set a sales goal for your group members...say for example,  a goal of 12 candles or a minimum of $200.00 sales per member...or whatever you feel is realistic.  If you like,  we can work with you on an incentive program whereby the top sellers are awarded cash or prizes for their efforts.

Getting started is simple. Give us a call or email the following information to
  1. the name of your group or organization
  2. the number of order forms you need
  3. the expected dates that your fundraiser will run
  4. and an address where we should mail the forms
  We suggest limiting the selling time period to no longer than 2 to 3 weeks.  Allow 10 days to 2 weeks for us to ship your candles to you.

Thank you again for your interest.  If you have any questions,  would like more information or a free sample of our products,  please contact us at 800-410-4842 or email us at:


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